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Can't send messages.

Guest GLN

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For some reason I can't send messages in the game. As in I need to minimize to the server screen to send the message. Everyone tells me to press the "T" key, but that doesn't work. I tried binding a key to the say function, someone told me that would work, but it didn't. Any other thing that I could do to fix this?

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theres a file named config.cfg in your gtavc folder whch contains:

bind F11 showscores
bind F10 showplayers
bind t say
bind F9 showchat
bind F12 screenshot

check if you have "t" bound to "say", you can also change all those keys if you want, just save and close the file

what they meant by "binding a key to the say function" was to write in the chat: /bind "new key to chat here" say

but its being reset everytime you quit the game and it doesnt help with your problem since you cant even open the typing dialog (duh)

just check config.cfg and try some other keys for chat, it might work..

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