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help my MTA wont let me play

Guest Tabs452

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its ses ERROR: 'data\mtad.scm could not be loacated please reinstall mta or reset the game path(options tab- reset game path) could u please help me because i do that reset the game path and thn it saysu are using a moded verision of MTA and i have never used a mod on the game so please would u help me :?::?:

thanks TABS452

please ether post a reply or email me at ads452@hotmail.com

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It's not due to a no CD crack. No-CD cracks are used on the exe, not the scm files.

Try reinstalling MTA like it says. If that doesn't work, uninstall MTA, uninstall GTA (make sure ALL files have been deleted) and reinstall both. You might want to back up your single player savegames (if you have any) before you do this. They are located in your My Documents folder.

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I have the same problem, minse a CD Crack, i beat single player, but when i click start game i get the same exact thing, did what he did, but it didnt say i had a modded version.... i cant find SCM!!!!! RARRRRWRR!

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