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Internet Problem haveing MTA working offline in my network

Guest james_go_2001

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Yes I'm a Newbie in this forum and some what new at this MTA but anyways here is my problem....

First of all, I installed the MTA server 0.5 and the service pack update on the Server/Host Computer everything seems to work fine and have no trouble getting it to work.

Second thing is i have no trouble installing the MTA client on all my client computers and they seem to work online and on my server but let's say I don't need the Internet running to play MTA on my "self contained - local area network" so I disconnected the physical Internet. Then this is where the trouble comes for some reason the MTA client needs a Internet connection because if I don't have the Internet enable then I get this ERROR Message saying "Multi Theft Auto has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." Then it says "if you were in the middle of something, the information you were working on might be lost." then you hit the close button at the bottom right hand corner. I don't know 100% but I think it had something to do with the banner/welcome message at the bottom of MTA client.

I did this before with the MTA 0.4 server&client and it work 100% but the 0.5 client won't let me connect in my self-contained LAN without Internet access.

also keep in mind that my network works fine and I'm able to share files and use remote desktop between all my client computers and the server without having Internet access and yes there all XP pro.

Have any idea why MTA 0.5 client is doing this and/or is there a way to bypasses this problem. ---- Anything will help :)

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Add this to the mta.ini in the Multi Theft Auto dir (default path: C:\Program Files\Multi Theft Auto\mta.ini)


The problem is that the server tries to fetch the latest MTA news, they'll probably fix this in the next client patch.

There must be quite a lot of people having problems with their MTA lan network. I had this problem myself, luckily everything is explained in the Known Issues topic

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Looks like it works... :)

Maybe if the MTA client can keep a old copy of the "MTA news" on the hard drive so when the Internet is not present it can retrieve it from there.

Sound like a plan for a future version.

Thanks for the help "Scorp"

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