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MTA Server Raffle

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I am raffling off 2 USA Vice City 16 person servers, and hosting for as long as i can host them(most likely years.)

If you wish to enter this raffle, send an email to 'me@vap3r.com' with "server" as it's subject line.

Proof? I got 2 servers up with the names Registered Felons - Deathmatch, Registered Felons - Stunt, and 30 test servers up with [RF] prefixes.

Test servers are on following IPs: - Registered Felons - Deathmatch - Registered Felons - Stunt - [RF]VC Stunt 01-15 - [RF]VC Deathmatch 01-15

Server raffle will end in 5 hours, 3AM GMT-6

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