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Run-time error: 429


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If this was during the install, it almost certainly was due to the MTA protocol handler (that makes mta:// links work). You can probably ignore it. Try installing, restarting and installing again and see if it still happens.


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Yeah, i've run into the same problem

It IS caused by the Protocol Handler, unfortunatly. I tried uninstalling it, reinstalling it and running it, but it's still doing it.

If you attempt to run it, you get an error saying the exact following:

"Mtaclient has caused an error in


Mtaclient will now close."

This is a real dissapointment for me because I was really looking forward to playing this. Could it be something to do with the EXE or with my computer?

Please reply very soon

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Nope, it didnt fix it. It's still doing the same thing. This sucks so bad cause I really wanted to play this. Is there nothing else that it might be?

Please reply soon

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Oh, and if its of any significance, the ActiveX error you get during installation comes near the end, but once you click ok, the installation completes. However, running the game causes an error saying the aforementioned.

Help soon!

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