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[HELP] Whats Wrong ??

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Hello ,

Why i just got nill text , but i can save it on mysql .. i think the problem is on get this text


local motd = getElementData(source, "account:motd") or "" 
addEvent("motdAjah", true) 
addEventHandler("motdAjah", root, 
function () 
local screenWidth, screenHeight = guiGetScreenSize() 
    triggerEvent("noticeMP", root) 
    as = guiCreateStaticImage (screenWidth/4.5,screenHeight/1.2,600,70,"img/box.png", false) 
    InfoIcon = guiCreateStaticImage ( 15 , 15 , 40, 40 ,"img/icon/motdi.png", false , as) 
    Notice1 = guiCreateLabel( 70, 20, 600, 60, motd, false, as ) 
    guiSetFont(Notice1, text12) 
    setTimer ( function() 
    end, 10000, 1 ) 


triggerClientEvent("motdAjah", source) 

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