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[HELP] - Vehicle Speed

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whether I Had to make One by One every model ?

Hmmm no, with getVehicleHandling you can get the maxVelocity of the vehicle (which is the source of the onVehicleDamage event) then calculate the new maxVelocity reduced by the percentage you want to apply according to its health and then set it back using the setVehicleHandling function.

There is no difference between vehicle models you need to care of.

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then trigger maxVelocity event ?

Just stick with plain functions, why would you complicate it with the use of an event ?

Other than that, then yeah it will work.

Create a setMaxVelocity function if you want which takes 2 params: vehicle and maxVelocity.

That function will call setVehicleHandling( vehicle, "maxVelocity", maxVelocity).

Or create an updateMaxVelocity function which will only take 1 param: vehicle

That function will take its health, calculate the new velocity and then apply it to the vehicle.

You will call that updateMaxVelocity when the onVehicleDamage event is triggered

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