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does this indicate a cracked client?


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Updating INI ... INI Updated.


Server Map: Vice City

Server Game Mode: Regular (Deathmatch)

krtek: jo

Mr.sock: do nej

Ghost killed sakuL. (Stubby Shotgun)

yositheking has joined the game.

sakuL: shit

player`ko killed himself. (Explosion)

krtek killed Ghost. (M60)

Ghost: lol

puko: sory prepacte

pokevitek: dobre good

Ghost: cant kill u all... toomany in 1 place

sakuL: jaka postava je podle vas nej?!

Mr.sock: podle me ten fizl jak mam ja!!!

pokevitek: zbranema mexican vzhledem vc crusader

Ghost killed [KFC]Chronic. (Stubby Shotgun)

Pooyan has joined the game.

puko: uz to vipinam za i=1minutu som tu

sakuL: takze mexican

Mr.sock: kde si sakul??

Ghost: everyones at airport chronic

puko timed out.

pokevitek: sem vzdusna podpora

pokevitek: sem vzdusna podpora

[KFC]Chronic: im scared to fight that 700+ pinger

puko has joined the game.

Mr.sock: jedou tam za wama na letiste!!A tantokrat sou dva!!!!w

pokevitek: sem vzdusna podpora

Ghost: lol

Pooyan killed krtek. (Python)

sakuL: co delas

Ghost: mines ok for once

Pooyan killed sakuL. (Python)

[KFC]Chronic killed Mr.sock. (Stubby Shotgun)

sakuL killed Pooyan. (M60)

Mr.sock: kurwa nejakej chronic me dostal!!!

sakuL: ten kokot se zblaznil

[KFC]Chronic: w/e the fuck that means

Ghost: all they can talk is polish or summat :S

sakuL killed Pooyan. (M60)

Ghost killed sakuL. (Stubby Shotgun)

krtek: poyan zabi te ho hrablo mu

sakuL: me to prave ze jemu

[KFC]Chronic killed krtek. (Stubby Shotgun)

sakuL: von do me zacal strilet minule a zabil me

sakuL: tak sem tedu udelal odlatu

Ghost: ow

Mr.sock: sakul kde si??

pokevitek died. (Impact)

[emir]homa has joined the game.

sakuL: kurva uz mi to zase vypadlo

Ghost killed yositheking. (M60)

sakuL: do pici kde je ten minibOOn

Ghost killed Mr.sock. (MP5)

[sKO]-junior has joined the game.

Mr.sock: ten ghost je kokot!!!!

Mr.sock: dostal me!!

[emir]homa has left the game.

pokevitek: a kde byl?

[sKO]-junior has left the game.

Mr.sock: taky me sere ze tu neni!!!Ale tady byl normalne za michala

[sKO]-junior has joined the game.

[sKO]-junior has left the game.

yositheking killed Ghost. (M60)

[KFC]Chronic killed Pooyan. (Chainsaw)

yositheking killed [KFC]Chronic. (M60)

[KFC]Chronic: omfg go away you lagger

yositheking: !stat

sakuL: tak a sem z5

player`ko has left the game.

[KFC]Chronic killed yositheking. (M60)

yositheking: !stats

[sKO]-junior has joined the game.

yositheking: what?!

Mr.sock: tak pod na letiste!!

[sKO]-junior has left the game.

pokevitek: fakt tady nebyl tom?

sakuL: sem tam

Ghost has left the game.

yositheking: ! <- that guy lags bad, so i was standing at his spawn with a chainsaw*

[sKO]-junior has joined the game.

yositheking: !ping

[sKO]-junior: ola

yositheking has left the game.

[sKO]-junior: ola

puko: no uz drvim na koho ideme

krtek: bacha

Mr.sock: honi me nakej zmrd

pokevitek: kde je ghost?

puko: no nakoho

sakuL: ghost se odpojil

Mr.sock: uz mel bobnky!!!

pokevitek died. (Explosion)

[KFC]Chronic killed sakuL. (Chainsaw)

sakuL: to je srac

[KFC]Chronic killed Mr.sock. (Chainsaw)

[KFC]Chronic killed krtek. (Chainsaw)

Mr.sock: co blbne ten kokot??

[KFC]Chronic killed puko. (Chainsaw)

[KFC]Chronic killed Pooyan. (Chainsaw)

[sKO]-junior: lol

Mr.sock: won me rozrezal

pokevitek: nevim, na nje

[KFC]Chronic killed Pooyan. (M60)

puko: cize kfc

[sKO]-junior: lol

[KFC]Chronic killed sakuL. (Chainsaw)

Pooyan: fuck you chronic

[KFC]Chronic killed Pooyan. (Chainsaw)

Pooyan: fuck chronic

Mr.sock: tak ted dame chronicovi!!!!

[KFC]Chronic killed sakuL. (Chainsaw)

sakuL: yeah fuck him

[KFC]Chronic killed pokevitek. (Chainsaw)

pokevitek: zabte ho

LameAss has joined the game.

[KFC]Chronic killed sakuL. (Chainsaw)

sakuL: ten zmrd

puko died. (Explosion)

pokevitek died. (Explosion)

[KFC]Chronic killed sakuL. (Stubby Shotgun)

Pooyan has left the game.

pokevitek killed [KFC]Chronic. (M60)

[sKO]-junior killed puko. (Vehicle)

pokevitek: je po nem

sakuL has left the game.

Disconnected: Client disconnected. (Delay = 10 sec)


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^ no i cant, like i told you, i JUST reinstalled the fuckin thing. and i saw it there. Look i aint gotta explain shit to you, your goal is to tear KFC apart anyways, well i took one of the members from =TR= and hes soon to be KFC, if i get kicked from KFC fer that shit im quittin mta all together cuz assholes like you and this drama aint worth shit. Jus lucky your nerd ass is sittin behind a computer far from me. :o

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^ no i cant, like i told you, i JUST reinstalled the fuckin thing. and i saw it there. Look i aint gotta explain shit to you, [kept talkin]

ya you just installed a cracked client it seems

its obviously a cracked client, as is obvious by when u joined. its freaking obvious as everyone posting so far has pointed out now why dont u just give us a better line then "i dont know wtf happened"

heres a good one for you

"a friend sent it to me"

try using that, its a much better explanation then what ur giving here

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