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[WIP] RustMTA | Don't Look Behind

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Good day everyone! As a survival games lover, I've played Rust and other survival games and a few days I decided with a friend (an4rei) who loves Rust (literally, he has 2.000+ hours on Rust) to make a MTA version of the game! We never seen a survival server with no zombies, just pure survival with some PvP.

For those of you who played Rust before, might already know what Rust is and what it has to offer but were is a brief introduction of the game!

SP37Ecj.jpg?2What is Rust?

Well Rust is a normal survival game with all the basics needed for suvival. Rust is not like the normal survival games nowadays, a post apocalyptic game where you have to fight off zombies and sometimes player. You spawn as a naked guy and the only thing you have is a rock... You gather wood and other resources to make yourself a little house and and other things you require for survival. From that moment, you can decide what you want to be, either a raider with a big base, lots of friends that goes out at night and raids houses and people, or a friendly guy that just wants to have a little house and just relax by collecting wood. Crafting, scavenging and even fighting are stuff you will do during your time playing, just something normal for this game. There will be friendly and unfriendly players, but it's always better to just play with your friends, just to be safe you don't get kidnapped and get raped...

SP37Ecj.jpg?2What are we trying to do?

We are trying to copy Rust in a way, recreating the Rust feeling in MTA. At the moment we are trying to make some objects such as guns and furnitures from Rust and include them in the server. Also, we are looking into adding as many Rust features as possible, such as the Tool Cupboard and Sleepers. We are trying to mimic the interface used by Rust but might take a while as an4rei is still learning and I am the only main scripter but still learning myself, so some scripts might seem out of place or messy, but we will get there


SP37Ecj.jpg?2What have we done so far?



C4 -


Thomson(MP5) -


Assault Rifle(AK-47) -


Bolt Action Rifle(Rifle) -


Semi-Auto Pistol(Colt) -


Pump Shotgun(Combat Shotgun) -




Furnace -


Tool Cupboard -


Building Materials -


Player Loot Sack -




Login Window -


Login Window -


Register Window -


Player Dashboard -


Notifications -


HP/Hunger/Thirst -


Death/Respawn Window -




Sleeper -


Naked/Clothing -


Current Version: v0.3 Pre-Alpha



28/03/16 - v0.3 Pre-Alpha

  • - Added custom building materials
    - Added login/register panel
    - Added tool cupboard to protect bases
    - Added furnace model + smelting system
    - Added trees which can be cut down for wood
    - Added rocks which can be mined for different ores
    - Added item pickup notification on top of the HUD
    - Reworked building system, placing can be now canceled
    - Added C4 explosives

24/03/16 - v0.2 Pre-Alpha

  • - Added Rust weapon sounds
    - Added death window with stats and respawn button
    - Added high radiation zones outside the Fort Carson area
    - Added server version 'ribbon' at the top right corner of the screen

22/03/16 - v0.1 Pre-Alpha

Project started!

Leave your thoughts and feedback on what you think and on what we should add! Also, feel free to ask any questions! :)

This is not the official topic for the server but the topic will be updated on what we are adding/changing to the server! This is just a small presentation of what we are trying to do, to see how you guys react to it and also to get some feedback. There is no fixed date on when the server will be done.

Development Time: ~40hrs

Progress: 55%

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Looks beatiful, you guys have done a really good job. Good luck with that ;)

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Looks beatiful, you guys have done a really good job. Good luck with that ;)

Thanks a lot! :D

We have just updated the topic as we just finished working on version 0.3 Pre-Alpha!

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We have decided to make a Pre-Alpha server which will be open at all times! Everyone that is interested in joining the Pre-Alpha and Alpha testing can request an Alpha key which can be used to make an account on the server! To join just tell us you are interested and tell us something about your experience with survival servers by replying to this topic!

PLEASE NOTE, that there are still A LOT of bugs on the server and that we are still adding and improving the server's features, so for those testers that have a bit of scripting knowledge we have enabled the debugscript console from which you can report to us any error you find!


Thank You!

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I'd love an alpha key, I love the game Rust and am keen on trying your version in MTA.

I don't play many survival servers on MTA because they don't really appeal to me and I'm not that big of a fan of DayZ. However. since you're remaking Rust, I'm very interested!

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Well, I would like to haev a alpha key, I really enjoy to watch Rust videos but since I have no money to buy the game, I just watch videos, so I would like to try it in MTA, I know it's going to be really interesting and enjoyable. I've played in some servers that I had to 'survive' like DayZ. I own ARMA II which I play with DayZ mod, and I'm good at it, says me. xD

So yea, I'm really, really, excited to try it out :D

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Sorry for my bad english Requesting for alpha key

I really love survival games like rust , minecraft , other survival games of course huge exp with mta dayz

I really wanna play rust in MTA SA because first time i have see MTA rust

And it's really interesting to test your server play of course

And really really wanna alpha key:( i can't wait until release full i wanna see atleast alpha xD

P.S Is there any way to help you ? speed up the progress of dev rust ? like donating or something :P

We really wanna get alpha key :D we all waiting for this moment when server gonna release 100 Procent and official open :P

I don't wanna be to suspicious but when you gonna release Beta version of RustMTA ?

And question for you 2 in mta rust gonna be first person vision ?

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Can i have an alpha key please.. im really excited to test it :D

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Hello .::D&G::. Are you still working on this project ?

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D&G ? Are you still working or nope?

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The project is now dead for good! We have both (me and an4rei) quit MTA and I am willing to sell the gamemod as is, in its current state to anyone with a bit of scripting knowledge in hope for the gamemod to eventually become something and not just lay dead...

Thank you

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On 28/07/2017 at 12:29, ..:D&G:.. said:

The project is now dead for good! We have both (me and an4rei) quit MTA and I am willing to sell the gamemod as is, in its current state to anyone with a bit of scripting knowledge in hope for the gamemod to eventually become something and not just lay dead...

Thank you

I want buy this gamemode, contact me

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Estou Enteressado No Produto , Ainda Esta Vendendo ? Irei Colocar No Meu Servidor De Rust Que Esta Aberto

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