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... 4? Laugh. Actually a whiner had a post here but deleted it, guess who. Also I'm going to use this Top of Third Page for a list of things I have lying around..

-=1v1 Occured post 8-04 (est)=-

WIN 6-2/KFC/Wheelman/1

WIN 10-3/-/tuffguy/10

WIN 5-3/-/Al Capone aka Stifler/3 (final score was 10-3 around the city but he quit at 5)

WIN 10-5/TLR/yankees/9

WIN 10-3/FKU/quig/10

WIN 10-6/DNA/Villain/10

WIN 10-9/DNA/Villain/10

WIN 10-6/FKU/Sexyb aka deathb/9

WIN 10-5/FKU/quig/10

WIN 10-7/ULK/boro/6

WIN 10-5/ULK/ace/8

WIN 10-6/FKU/BPimpin aka deathb/10


WIN 10-4/-/gdawg69/10

WIN 10-4/KFC/Nikateen/10

WIN 5-1/-/gerbilrapist/6

WIN 10-5/-/damage/9

WIN 10-2/FKU/Chaos/10

WIN 10-2/KFC/djdc/2

WIN 10-7/ULK/esco aka escobar/9

WIN 10-5/FKU/trae/9


WIN 10-1/TF/Rex/10

WIN 10-4/TLK/T>A

WIN 10-3/ULK/HeAd/10

WIN 10-4/ULK/esco aka escobar/9

WIN 10-1/ULK/Garuzzo aka Nickl/10

WIN 5-0/KFC/afr0/5

WIN 10-3/FKU/jani/8

WIN 10-5/KFC/afr0man/9

WIN 10-6/KFC/djdc/5

WIN 10-4/SM/boss/10

Think that is most the 1 v 1's, be checking more to see if anyone were lost, possible. Will be updating and revamping things as things go on.


P.S. laugh.

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Anyways, atleast affirmitive action is being taken and the problem has actually been listened to and repremanded to an extent. Admin abuse is not a "new" thing but having it taken care of is.

As far as the spam/rudeness out of nowhere goes, what else would wheelgirl or wannabsexyb be useful for?? ... .. . Oh yeah that's right, if you have too much crap in your crapper, when your sewer smells like manurer, when something is disgusting and rusting, or when you don't have much time, but wanna hear a couple of whiners whine... in that situation they'd shine.

Eh yo, that rymes. Bah hah..


B.S. laugh.

I do take it seriously and I will continue to...

I look at Admining a public server as a customer service enviorment... and as they say.. the customer is always right...

but as I have learned in this case the chat log wasn't from our public server, it was from GANGWARFARE server.

Drake and Eclipse were filming something in the private server and you were interferring. In this case since they were first in the server they did have a right to be left alone. They should have sited the correct reason for kicking you in their message after the !kick thou...

Everyone has access and the password to that server so it's open to people who want to have wars or 1 on 1s or want to make movies. That is not a free for all server and it's first come first serve.

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Oh bs the server was full of people, 10+ perhaps, and their rudeness and kicking for no reason still is not justifiable. Also your members coming in here spamming and acting like that isn't either but perhaps you just overlook that, laugh. Anyways I was perhaps somewhat surprised when the problem because it just doesn't get taken care of that easily or hasn't been. If you "take admin abuse seriously". I have seen admin abuse more times than boro can count to without wearing sandles or using his fingers. But never really have I seen any admin actually repremanded for bad admining, tell me what have you done before to counter bad admin abuse? Nothing? Yeah well make sure keep staying on top of it... laugh.

As far as the boro pop in spam, and the rest of the no nonesense spam, laugh guess something don't change. No matter we all know the reason why yas whine... owNed! Laugh.

Also as I have been saying, going to updating things a wee bit, stuff that was lost in old thread etc. Also perhaps the idea of a league which was talked about before, but that may be better to wait for blue or even 0.5.x for that version may be significantly better because of the sync issue that was found. I had noticed that at different times the shot was on, and other times the shot was off even on the same player, mensioned it a few times but the issue that was found about the sync makes it alot clearer. So hopefully that gets fixed soon cause it's indeed an issue and a half.


B.S. laugh.

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If you could read my private section ( like everyone else seems to be able to) you would know I am serious about ending admin abuse

In the private server it's not so simple but let me know what happens to you in partyservers and I will fix it...

I'll remove it for a period of time (month standard) and second offense means no more admin for that person... Unless it's Nutz... if he abuses you you are fuct.

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You can notice what a 1 v 1 is.. firs to 10 in a area "GO" .. not a glitchathon than isn't even seperated and ran around the city as has been said and you know. As you know you were afraid to 1 v 1 and you lost almost everytime you faced up against me junk (laugh), whether or not you can turn on glitches and lag your way to victory will have to be delt with someone else. Almost if not all every win of my 1 v 1 has been confirmed with witness's etc.. as the loss's are none (excpect a battle or two against someone with no there to admin or ref) lies be and you know it wasn't that. Eat it, owNed ignored and you know it as uptop. I haven't lost a 1 v 1 since posting , or it would be posted. You know this as everyone else, those you may try and cheat/hack there way to success won't be successful as you also know. Number 4 chaos im surprised at you.. you want to 1 v 1 eh? So be it we won't need ref's for that match unless you want. As for others your cheating bs and angles of winining are noted and known so back it up and if you want to to 1 v 1 it will be with refs. I am goign to owN 4 more for now to make an even page, then that's that for now. Junk (your name fits quite well .. laugh) and utop both admitted to cheat and know I owN them so they stop by perioditcally to say wise, but neh.

We'll see how the 1 v 1's go as with the league (if there is one), etc.

Hadn't played in a while, warmed up and took care of things, seems as if some are sad, nothing new, laugh.

Busy for a bit but we'll see what happens with 1 v 1's.


B.S laugh.

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with all due respect... mr bump u bump into this thread after 6months and claim that doon is the victim??? omg man, u guys should have banned doon YEARS ago.. hes the biggest retard mta has ever seen and u are gona cover for him?? sheesh

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6 months? I'm not sure where you are gettign that date from, picked randomly perhaps. As the last post prior to mine was but three short days ago.

You evidently havn't refreshed your knowledge of the rules, as can be seen in this thread most people are here solely with the intention of arguing with the guy.

You may NOT post in another gangs thread for any other reasons. Arguments and disagreements should be taken up elsewhere
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  • MTA Team

Since doon has no real gang updates since the first post and most pages are just flames since the start.. all of the shit deleted to the very beginning is my solution. If you agree Doon then post. If not, I'll just delete this okay?

I now realize this is a joke, never really cared before, I considered it a place to keep all the flames, instead of spreading them out. Ya know, a haters union topic.. bump hasn't been here for half a year so I can understand some confusion...

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There's no confusion, he is perfectly within his rights to create a 'one man gang' and concentrate on one on ones, the results of which he then posts, and other posts inviting him to etc are perfectly acceptable. Seems some people cannot accept this tho and feel they can ignore the rules and dive in here to wind him up and cause trouble - it's only doon, one word and he'll fly and get banned - this is unacceptable. His 'doons view of new version' whilst not being strictly gang related are nevertheless interesting and do no harm. In fact it would be nice if other peopel did the same in such an unassuming semi-private manner.

If you wish to clean out everyones crap from here feel free, but straight deletion is not an acceptable option.

p.s It was four months not six, and having been back for over a month now I am well up to speed again.

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  • 3 weeks later...

ok well I guess I'm gonna actually appoligize to DooN... heh don't know what I did wrong to disrespect him but I'm sorry if he feels that way...maybe an appology back would be nice...hence i just think he took out some agression on me for the original thread lockage. um... well sorry. I just asked for the 1 on 1 to fight with the best! hope the acception is still on. Cause i wanna show you my improvements ;-). well msg me on MSN n get back or what not. Drove2chaos@hotmail.com. wanted to talk some business too :o.

peace bro.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Wo, haven't checked this thread in a while... I checked it and it was locked, I really was like "are you serious, again" type thing, laugh. Left and that was that.

The conversation above would have been a bit helpful to have seen earlier. "Laugh". Except for a posts from names which we won't mension but should be obvious, they could actually make people stupider with each sentence. Watch it.

Interesting some moderators just thought "this is a place for all the flames to be kept" ... laugh. Anyways let's make sure that done with, no more whining. It's kinda is nice to come into your thread and not have it completely filled with crappy arguing flames in which the next post you usually has to start off with a negetive rebuttaling attitude as it can be hard to make progress with that.

Chao, we'll talk about it later perhaps.

Will probably be keeping thread up to date more. Will also be posting just an small topic about new GTA games for those that aren't aware of them and their release dates.


P.S. laugh.

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Ok well as everyone may or may not know, San Andreas is being officially released June 6th for PC.

A New version of GTA is coming for PSP. The game goes back to Liberty City but has updated graphics and a new story or something like that. Rockstar has a section for it on their site but just an image. It's called GTA:LibertyCityStories.

*Edit* Now I'm seeing it (GTA:LibertyCityStories) dated as coming out September 1st. Just recently it was slated as July but what else is new. Some sources still have it dated at July 22, but I'm guessing you can count on a September release if that. Do the lack of advertisement and hardly no information about it, etc.


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On an update of Upcoming GTA games. The next version of GTA is highly speculated to be a launch title for the upcoming PlayStation 3.

"Each time SCEI launches a console, the video games business moves to the next level. With PlayStation 3 it looks as if it might be time for interactive entertainment to become, finally, the world's dominant artistic medium." -- Sam Houser, President, Rockstar Games

And it looks like they mean business.


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You can count? Guess it would have been better if I meshed it all up into one? Dur. Doesn't matter, you stop by just to complain about something that what some would consider to be useful informormation unlike your post.


P.S. laugh.

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