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How to fly infinitly with pizzaboy & island hop


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Myself and Samurai_Ohk discovered why some people can fly infinitly and some people have a hard time doing so. You can actually speed up how fast your nitro recharges by turning OFF the frame limiter in the video options of GTA:VC

This almost doubled how fast our nitro recharged, although i am sure it would depend on how fast your machine is (how many frames your getting).

I easily got 27890 feet in height by going straight up

You can also adjust your direction by leaning forward on the bike, this will cause you to turn a bit. Just be careful, leaning back to much will cause you to come off the pizza boy.

Enjoy, and have fun island hoping, its much more fun then driving island to island.

Oh yeah, to take off with the pizza boy, lean back and hit the nitro :twisted:

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lmao, ive just tryed it.

it rulezzzzzzzzzz.

get 2 onto the stadium roof :lol:

[offtopic]Panther woot woot... in what server u on at the moment? I'll come check you out ^^, 'cause I'm kinda back on MTA[/offtopic]

The pizzaboy owns lol... I got the feeling I'm a cheater but I'm not. 8)

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Myself and Samurai_Ohk discovered

what people posted on here last week? lol

There was a thread about how high some guy went and he told us how to do that bug.

Sorry i don't read every post ever made here 8) we didn't make that statement to get fame or anything, just didn't see other posts directly about the frame limiter and ppl were still asking how to do it. WE DIDN'T DISCOVER IT, OH NOES. /end sarcasm :wink:

Also, it looks like we helped a few MTAer's out if you read the thread......

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