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Wut would u rather play???  

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  1. 1. Wut would u rather play???

    • Vice City
    • mta 0.3b

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I didnt vote because my reply is both.

If it was between VC and GTA3 I would vote VC. But you are asking about VC vs. GTA3MTA and thats a different story.

Both will be great fun and I will be playing both.

Now, if it was GTA3MTA vs. the let to exsist GTAVCMTA then no question it would be GTAVCMTA :)

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Jeez KingCobra, You gotta stop double posting!

I don't know... that is a really hard descision! i would rather be riding my black sanchez with my mp5 doin drive-bys on retarded hatians, but... multiplayer gta3, thats almost heaven on earth!

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