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Release of 0.3b within 7 days !!!

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anyway....7 days eh. lets see........work- cancelled, friends- abandoned, family- divorced, k, that sounds like everything....oh yeah. no more sleep. i gotta keep my schedule clean.

just trying to put the pressure on.....if it's late, I destroyed my life for nothing. ah well, wasn't much of one anyways. (notice no sex in my list)

sweet irony

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3vil double posters!

any way good job mta team, (u still haven't worked out to make people to die when they die? lol) i hope it won't delay it...

Yeah double posts are evil (but so is "leet"...) but I didn't even know my posts were going through... I was just getting an error after hitting submit... so there might be a few more double posts from me around here from yesterday/today... sorry about that.

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Hi there every1 whos intrested in mta, this post is more for the moderators and designers of mta i have recently been talking to one of the orrigibnal game designers and the reason for there being multi player scripting already in the game but noty used is that sony paid rockstar not to make it multi player as this would undermine their console and it is likely that the only official multi player version of gta in the future will only be released after the ps3 has been released with its internet multi player options. so there it is sony are to blame for gta3 not being the best game in the world.

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GREAT work MTA Team !!

Looking forward to .3b !!

I was wondering after MTA .3b is released how long will it be before MTA start working on the next version and might be ready bring out MTA .4 ?, and what extra game features will there be ? :?:

Keep up the GREAT work MTA Team :!:

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nice to hear that

because i can play in that time enter the matrix and vice city

so take your time guys

funny.. those are the exact 2 games i've been playing.. well, i beat etm with ghost a few days ago, now i am like 20 percent into vice city and i need to get money to buy some estates with missions on them :(

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