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Sham's world staff crew: get payed real money.

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Welcome! Are you looking to make some money off of MTA?

First of all, let me try to scare off some of you by saying, this is an advertising job.

You will get payed a MAXIMUM of $100 USD/ Month.

Your payment will be based of how many LOYAL players you can get us, that's the catch.

There has been events where people would make accounts and try to get money, but of course, they get caught.

Anyways, I pay via Paypal. And you get 3 test days to determine how well you can advertise.

If I see any increase in players you will be payed.

Example: If there is 1 player online 24/7 when there used to be none, you get $1 USD for that month.

If there's an average of 25 players constantly online, you get $25 USD for that month, up to $100USD per month.

If you can get anyone to donate, you can have %25 of the money.

The other %75 will be split between getting an upgrade in CPU/Memory(%50) and the remaining %25 will go to MY POCKET!

What makes us different? I challenge you to play this server for one hour only. You will see the difference 3 seconds in.

We are still under Heavy develpoment, we will not rush any progress. Life is long enough to put all of our time into this.

Server Information

Only the worlds nicest admins wanted.

(Because there are no rules to enforce, only fun to be made)

(We will not hire you day one. we're not stupid server owners.

Server ip:

Server name: | Shamont's World | Your Home | No server related bullshit |

Everyone will automatically have (restricted) admin. No server takeover or game breaking stuff, of course.

Third party mods: This server is NOT full of third party mods, however some have been used,

ie: GTW(open source) job system.

This server DOES contain third party mods, however, none of which are stolen, and credit is given where it's due.

All mods/resources were inspected personally for "Worms" and "Hijackers".

Actually as a matter of fact, i'll donate $1 USD+ to anyone that shows me I am using their mod. I know you deserve your cut.

You must provide some way to prove you own it, because people tend to be scammers.

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