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Vice City Glitches


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I found a really entertaining glitch in Vice City...

I was cruising around at 64% complete in a truck and I'm all bashed up, so this black dude with a purple shirt and a headband jacks my truck and goes cruising. Well instead of the camera following me it followed the car jacker and I am watching his crime spree, he just drives, obeys speed laws but totally passes up all traffic and stoplights. Ran over some people and hit a cop car.

I have no clue why it did this but he follows the same path and goes in loops, big loops mind you. He follows the same roads, so wierd...

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Citizens are programmed to jack your car, and will at times, if they feel your are getting to adventurous.

I remember my first time in liberty city. I just walked around, and noticed two guys punching each other, a cop walking by, and then some guy pulls someone out of a car then drives off =)

They are programmed to do a random loop, if you shoot them however, i think they just drive anywhere - and fast =)

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i had a similar glitch. when i was crusin, sum1 jacked my car but i didnt get pulled out neither did i move 2 the passenger seat. its like i became him for a while. he drove around and after a while i pressed "enter" (the key 2 enter/exit cars) and i walked out of the car and then i pressed it again and pulled him out, then i ran him over multiple times. wierd glitch

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This isn't a glitch but i thought it was hella cool. I was flying around in the hunter (apache helicopter you get with 100 packages) and landed it in town and some guy just jumped in and took it! talk about scary shit, NPC's with that kind of artillery?

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That guest was me, yeah it was in a Landstalker. I have seen some other interesting glitches such as people half buried in the sand on washington beach. There has been NPC's that are stuck chest high in the sand and will be wiggling around and then fall through and pop out close by right there on the ground.

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First time on this site...Looks kool. I had a really stange glitch and it works every time, here it is. On GTA3 i stole the fast boat at the airport runway, i drove full speed into the dock opposite and ended up in sum sort of hell, :twisted: everything was upside down and when i walked a bit further i fell out of the sky and died, same thing at 1 of the underground stops, i aint played GTA3 in such a long time i forgot where? :? Freaky, de ja vu as u may say. Whose seen the new matix film? i gonna see it soon, completed the game in 1 night, far 2 easy for me, c ya.

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  • MTA Team

I like this topic, decided to make this sticky.. put another title on it (the original title was "Glitch in the matrix"), and move it over to General.

So post your glitches, strange things that happend when you were playing GTA: Vice City here :D

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This isnt a glitch as such, more an easter egg..

and the easter egg is..an easter egg!

(bear with me, this does make sense)

Go to the helipad on top of the TV office (north of the angels pub), walk to the corner that is closest to the building adjacent and jump through the window immidiately above the corner, it looks solid but it isnt. Inside you will find a large easter egg on a pedestal.

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If you are having difficulty following the directions heres a link to a replay.rep (gta vice city replay file) of me going to the egg.


instruction: unrar, rename to replay.rep (delete the 'easter egg' tag on the end of file) place in My Documents/gta vice city user files/

Run VC and hit F3 at any point to play the replay

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I've had a few bugs too. Once I drove into a taxi with a hotring racer and got stuck in the side.

Sometimes when my game can't render some parts of the city fast enough I see cars stuck inside bridges pointing down.

Once I smashed into a PCJ 600 and knocked the guy off. We both tried to get on the bike at the same time and melded into each other. Tricky stuff.

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this has only happen once ,im not sure if these are bugs but it was REALLY cool !! 8)

I was playing Vice City

early on in the game,

I stole this car and it had 2 people inside the driver and the front seat passenger, i kicked the driver out and jumped in the driver seat ,but the front seat passenger stayed seated, i quickly drove off , once i came to a stop the passenger clamly stepped out the vehicle.... :(

Another time,

I saw this bike with 2 people rideing minding there own business, then i came along and knocked them off there bike :P then i jumped on the bike and THEN the passenger gets back on the back of the bike :shock: and we ride off into the sunset.... :idea:


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ok you guys cant beat this glitch!!

I put on sum cheats to float on water and made my wheels bigger and got the saber turbo ok....then i saw water so i drove on it then i did a sharp turn and flipper over and started falling through the water like it was air!! then i would pop u millions of miles in the sky (not MILLIONS but you know) and fell to the ground it was pretty cool :twisted:

The i tryed agian and landed on a rock at the bottem of the sea and got out it was like their was no water at all.

so... i walked back up the rock and when i was nearly at the serfece i started to drown...so i guess r* made it so u only drown in the first few feet of water :!:

I got a video of me doin it but dont know how to post it....

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Yea! i restarted vc and when i got to the mission were you rob the bank i killed all the hostages and then every1 and somehow they still were talking and mission did not faile! ofcourse i died cause every1 turned invisible and i got shot at from everywere

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