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First 0.5 Screenshots!


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We've just released an update to the Multi Theft Auto 0.5 page. You can see 6 screenshots of the new client design.

Click here, then click "Client Features" to view them!

More news shortly.

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Alright i thought it was 0.4x but i didnt no. Anyways I had 2 format and reinstall windows xp because my computer was infected with viruses and the banners/ads said the page cannot be displayed. So I hope that i get 2 play mta 0.5 if I can get my sound card 2 work. And hoping i can load my shared folder.

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The GUI improvements are a huge step forward. MTA is certainly more unified. And judging by the screenshots, it feels very polished and every side of it (client/server/server listing) has been seriously taken into account.

But the most important thing to me is stability, it has been a major headache to everybody and hopefully (as I've read) most of those nasty regular crashes were sorted out, thanks to all the bug reports.

Excellent work, I can't wait to download and try it out!

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The client really looks a lot better.

A nice XP visual style manifest, built-in server browser, and tabs for setting up a server and configuring the settings.

I'm impressed. Nice work... can't wait for the release.

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