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[Help Request] Vehicle Deletion Command


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Hey everyone, I am trying to figure out a what to create a command that will delete all player vehicles in my server. However, I do NOT want to delete any faction vehicles. Only the vehicles that are owned by players. Would anyone have any ideals. If it helps, my server using SQL.

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You could either store them in a table or assign a element data value upon spawn in order to identify them when looping through all vehicles to remove the player owned vehicles. If you create them using a map file you can identify them by which resource that owns them.

-- Spawn part 
local veh = createVehicle(...) 
-- Table 
veh_table = { } 
veh_table[veh] = true 
-- Element Data 
setElementData(veh, "isPlayerOwnedVehicle", true) 
-- To remove 
for k,v in pairs(getElementsByType("vehicle")) do 
    if getElementData(v, "isPlayerOwnedVehicle") or veh_table[v] then 

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