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Low FPS video drawing?


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This was my experience with the CEF browser as well, which ultimately led to me not using it. Instead, I go with a less efficient method in terms of download size - but I can control what speed to draw it at.

You can render the video frames as .jpg files to minimize the size of the download. You can use my code if you'd like to try it out;

local currentFrame = 1; 
local currentImageFile = "Images/TTOFlag (1).jpg"; 
local animationStartTick = getTickCount(); 
-- Animated Flag Background 
function dxDrawAnimatedBackground() 
    local animationCurrentTick = getTickCount(); 
    local tickDifference = (((animationCurrentTick-animationStartTick) > 3600) and (animationCurrentTick-animationStartTick-(math.floor((animationCurrentTick-animationStartTick)/3600)*3600))) or animationCurrentTick-animationStartTick; 
    currentFrame = math.ceil(tickDifference/40)((tickDifference/40)+0.5) and math.ceil(tickDifference/40) or math.floor(tickDifference/40); 
    if(currentFrame == 0) then 
        currentFrame = 1; 
    currentImageFile = "Images/TTOFlag ("..tostring(currentFrame)..").jpg"; 
    dxDrawImage(0, 0, screenWidth, screenHeight, currentImageFile, 0, 0, 0, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255)); 

3600 should be the approximate length of the video. You then divide this number by the amount of frames in the video, in my case it's 90 frames.

So 3600/90 = 40 and I think you can spot where this number goes. :)

Outcome should be something like this;

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Okay, so i got this working, but for some reason i get very big FPS drops on the first 1-4 loops (starting over), and this affects me becouse i just wanna draw one loop of out if, any idea on this?

PD: Just checked, this thingie makes the GTA process go from 800mb to 1800mb RAM usage :shock:

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Yeah I said it's not very efficient :P It depends a lot on what format the pictures are. I highly recommend not going above 720p and a compressed jpg format.

For me it's only the first loop that lags, and that's because it stores it all in memory. You could also try making them a DXT1 DDS texture, which should use a lot less memory.

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Another solution could be pre-creating textures and then drawing them. It would cause a short lag when the resource starts, but at least drawing should be completely smooth as it's already in GPU memory.

Good idea, i'll try that!

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