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Connection timed out, please help!


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So up until a few days ago my MTA was working fine and i could connect to all servers.

After a few days i tried to connect to Grafuroam server and it wouldn't let me join it!

It would say : Connection timed out

Now you would think that i would have this problem with all servers but that is NOT the case!

I can join all of the other servers like SAUR or FFS or CIT ect so the problem is just with this server!

I know for a fact that the server is working because my friends can join it without problems.

I tried:

- reinstalling gta

- reinstalling MTA

- deleting and downloading latest mta

- manually typing the server adress

- running in windowed mode

- allowing MTA and GTA in firewall

- restarted router

- deleting useless antivirus that i don't need.

- checked and got rid of all viruses

So if you have any idea please help!

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Well its called Connection bug to the server. It happens to me alot with some servers.

I just turn off my computer. then restart my internet router. Then Run MTA SA as adminstrator.

That works for me.

Try it up and tell me if it worked.

nope :/

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