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[OK] dbconnect & MySQL


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Hi all,

I'm back into Scripting.

I have a new problem with my dbconnect function.

Here is my code :


---- MYSQL Connection ---- 
-- Create an connection object for the Database 
function connectDB() 
    local con = dbConnect("mysql","dbname=MYDBNAME;host=", "DBUSER", "DBPASS", "share=1") 
    if (con) then 
        outputDebugString("Connection OK !") 
        outputDebugString("Connection to Database failled !") 
    return con 
------- VARIABLES ------- 
rootElement = getRootElement() 
local connect = connectDB() 

When i try this it says :

ERROR : line4 : dbConnect failed. Could not connect

Do you see any error ?

Thanks for helping.

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(Copy and Paste make more line than normal)

Modules are loaded in mtaserv.conf

and result of netstat is :

tcp 0 0* LISTEN

I tried with :

local con = dbConnect("mysql","dbname=MYDBNAME;host=;port=3306", "DBUSER", "DBPASS", "share=1") 

Make sure the group of your db user is set to "host"

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Found the problem.

I use Debian 64bits.

[2015-12-02 19:42:42] MODULE: Unable to load mods/deathmatch/modules/mta_mysql.so (libmysqlclient.so.15: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64)

[2015-12-02 19:42:42] MODULE: Loaded "Sockets Module" (1.30) by "Gamesnert, MCvarial & x86"

Does someone have the file for 64 ?


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