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Hi all I'm back on MTA.

I tried to play MTA on my new monitor (4K x 2K - 3840 x 2160)

I use the last DirectX for my GTX980.

When i start MTA, i change the resolution in parameters to 3840 x 2160.

Then i restart my MTA.

The screen is now stuck in the upper left corner and i can't use all the menu with my mouse. Mouse is stuck and monitor is not well used.

I tried with 1920 x 1440 and another problem appear.

Now i've 2 black borders on both side (left and right).

What can i do ?

Monitor : Acer S277HK 27 inch.

I use Display Port.

Thank for you help.

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What happens when using 1920 x 1440 in:

1) Windowed mode?

2) Fullscreen borderless window?

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Try this:

NVidia control panel->Adjust desktop size and position->Scaling->Full screen

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