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[FC]- Fight Club


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Fight club "was" a gang playing mta. We have members from all over europe. The gang was founded 10th july 2004 10:12 am. by me.

We dont play as a team anymore. (19 January 2006)

Fight club members:

[FC]HuZs [FIN]

[FC]Dr.SaYoS [uK]

[FC]HeinzS [EST]

[FC]Marcuz [FIN]

[FC]IngisK [LIT]

[FC]mOilaNE [FIN]

[FC]Die2kas [LIT]

[FC]Taker [POR]

[FC]Rage [AUT]


honorary: -MP-ShakedEX [iSR]


former members:

fc-BUFU [sLV]

fc-maxxx [LIT]

fc-littlegirl [sLV]

fc-Takumi [NZ]

fc-desertfox [uSA]

fc-Steven [uSA]

fc-Cake [FIN]


Rules: Do not talk about fight club.

No cheating

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