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check if ID is used or not


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Hello , this isnt rlly helping me out as im not understunding it properly.

So i wanna try to make aanother thing for :

function numberup() 
number = +1 -- this is wrong i know 
outputChatBox("".. number .."") 

What it should do :

after doing /nextnumber it should do +1 from the previous number so if player 1 uses /number then it says 1

then player 2 will use /number , then it"ll say 2

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Hello ,

One more question is it possible to save the last number?

So if i restart the script for example the number will go up depending the last number thats given out?

Edit :

Fixed it with elementdata but if i restart the server its gone Or am i wrong and it"ll keeps the eleentdata even after restarting the server.


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Hello ,

I've found a little problem.

The script is functionaling perfectly except the part that the database is getting created?

Everything is working fine but if i check registery.db i cant see the table there.

Any idea why?

function createTable() 

Fixed with restarting server

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Hello ,

I would like to know if its posssible to check multiple collumns.

What i mean with it is the 2 lines below this should be one and sshould only delete a table if it maatches the the model & name(playername) in the SQL database

executeSQLQuery("DELETE FROM `InteriorObjectsTEST` WHERE `model`=?",model) -- i defined model already 
executeSQLQuery("DELETE FROM `InteriorObjectsTEST` WHERE `name`=?",playerName) --- 
-- basicly this but then in one line and shouldnt delete everything 

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