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'npchlc_traffic' problem on Linux server


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I want to use 'npchlc_traffic' resource on my server. But the problem is that it doesn't work correctly at least at Linux public server. I was testing it on my PC (OS Windows) and it works perfectly there. But when I launch it on Linux server - it doesn't load paths correctly. The resource finishes initialization every time at the same line and server writes in console, that 'npchlc_traffic' started successfully without loading paths. And there are no NPCs appearing on the server.

I've tried to load paths through 'npchlc_traffic_editor' resource. The server on my PC loads them perfecly. But Linux server throws an error:

ERROR: [traffic]/npchlc_traffic_editor/save_load_s.lua:248: attempt to perform arithmetic on global 'loadtraffic_nodecount' (a nil value) 

I don't know if it's a Linux server problem, or not. So, is there any solution of it?

Thanks in advance. :)

P.S.: 'npchlc_traffic' fails on any value assignment for multidimensional array. For example:

node_conns[n2][n1] = new_id 

Linux server ignores this line and finishes resource initialization. There are no errors in debugscript or console.

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It worked. Now console shows the error while loading paths in npchlc_traffic:

[2015-11-01 22:39:32] Starting npchlc_traffic 
[2015-11-01 22:39:32] Starting npc_hlc 
[2015-11-01 22:39:32] Starting server_coldata 
[2015-11-01 22:39:32] ERROR: [resplay]/[traffic]/npchlc_traffic/traffic.lua:5: [resplay]/[traffic]/npchlc_traffic/load_paths.lua:98: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) 
[2015-11-01 22:39:32] npchlc_traffic restarted successfully 

The 98th line is:

if (ll ~= 0) or (rl == 0) then node_conns[n2][n1] = new_id end 

The same with editor:

[2015-11-01 22:42:51] Loaded 29.9% 
[2015-11-01 22:42:53] ERROR: [resplay]/[traffic]/npchlc_traffic_editor/save_load_s.lua:5: ...y]/[traffic]/npchlc_traffic_editor/fake_elements.lua:117: table index is nil 
[2015-11-01 22:42:54] ERROR: [traffic]/npchlc_traffic_editor/save_load_s.lua:257: attempt to perform arithmetic on global 'loadtraffic_nodecount' (a nil value) 

But I still can't understand, why is this error appears on Linux server, and all works fine on Windows platform...

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I need to reproduce the problem here.

Please give me a zip of the npchlc resources and the map file you are using and instructions on how to get to the error.

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Okay, here's zip archive with the folder, that you need to put into 'resources' folder. Then you should launch 'npchlc_traffic' resource in order to reproduce its error.

An editor error appears after several actions:

- Launch 'npchlc_traffic_editor' resource

- Enter the command: /trafficname san_andreas

- Then enter: /trafficload

ZIP archive: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fi ... 1826792644

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These files are corrupted:



They should be 1106 KB (1131596 bytes), but the ones you have are 1109 KB (1134940 bytes).

It looks like you used ASCII FTP mode to transfer them at some point and it changed the line endings (which is bad news for binary files). Restore the original files and upload them using Binary mode.

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