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on mta IRC:

[08:56:10pm] hi DeathB

[08:56:18pm] <{TR}SexyB> HI GUNNY

[08:56:22pm] <{TR}SexyB> did u block me, lawl

[08:56:30pm] no

[08:56:37pm] for a while u were blocked

[08:56:42pm] but I unblocked u when u started TR

[08:57:03pm] <{TR}SexyB> wheee

[08:57:13pm] <{TR}SexyB> i guess there is bad things with starting a gang...

ROFL nice :lol:

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so that was u ffs well

Prontera seriously crouching is the same thing as the fast jumping u do its a way to prevent the stubby animation and u know it

you think? fast jumping doesn't do shit, it still fully breaks the stubby anim and it's ended normally when the jump is finished, as for crouch glitching:

Breaks anim right after shot doing the following:

Causes MTA to "fall behind" due to actor/animation problems

MTA "catches up" increasing actor speed to move back to current location (this is an exponential increase)

Gives you an instant second shot if timed correctly

Makes you extremely hard to hit because the client is behind

Compared to "fast jumping" (Whatever the hell that is)

Breaks anim and lets you resume movement after being in midair for 2 seconds


PS: Parad0x was crouch glitching too, nice job

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I don't think he was lol.

Prontera so what still a glitch and u jump fast ur in the air for like half a second.

what is and isn't considered a legitimate glitch is up to the community, the majority wins. The majority acclaims that jumping is far more legitimate then crouch glitching for the previously stated comparison.

Jumping is not considered a major glitch at all due to it's unique synced movement (aka, you know the person has jumped) and the more proper animation break, crouching to have unlimited ammo and break the animation early allowing you to exploit the inability to be hit unless the person is good at lead shotting or you have no clue what you're doing is a major glitch. Gunny, as mentioned, you have no idea what you're talking about.

BTW: I'm still aiming to not have the stubby in or to have any bugs that come with it fixed (I don't care if it's like the minigun, unable to jump or crouch while holding it)

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so I hope it is then but seriously maybe u should tell me how to jump and only be in the air less than a second

mayb u should bust out a stopwatch, it takes a lot of deliberate movement to be in the air for more then a second

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here's a quote Prontera said there is more than one way to jump rofl

thats because in a way of looking at it there is

you can do a jump where ur in the air for a long time, or u can do a fast jump thats designed to give u some speed

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