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well this weekend was fun... in between my sisters birthday party/the guild wars beta event (GET THE GAME, IT FUCKING OWNS OTHER MMORPGS, (yes u heard me, OWNS THEM).

got to level 16 in a weekend.. highest i think was level 18. was an absolute blast being a warrior in that game... no travel time, no death penalties that last after the mission (none of the debt bullshit), no monthly fees, runs smooth as hell and looks incredible (beats eq2 hands down), and its more mission based, when ur in a zone ur in the zone with your party/solo and you can take henchmen if ur antisocial (theyre actually decent), in general tho spawncamping waiting for things to spawn, "lines" to complete missions, thats absent from this game. this game truly has done the mmorpg genre justice

to put it briefly, i have NEVER wanted a game to be out as much as i want this one right now.

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