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[NS] Night Stalkers (Recruiting)


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NightStalkers is a NEW, NON CHEATING clan. We have 5 original, loyal members of MT. Recruits wanted! If interested, find Blade in the PartyServer( or u can just PM me for a practice/recrution schedule!














rT* Gunny


RULES: No :o cheating, modding, flaming(as in sayin shit), crack clients, or spawn killing.

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We had a match with KFC. This had to be the worst gang war(if u can call it that) ever. First off, this match was delayed for fuckin 45 minutes because Jupiter was doing stupid shit, and FKU and KFC were banning him over and over and over. While they were doin so, I offered to use my private server. I get no response. So Blade & I spawn at the airport, we jump in a stinger, and where off, when Mexico runs up and opens fire on are car. Now this is before the gang match, which breaks the concept of the pre-game. Why was he shooting at us? "I want your M60!".... Your telling me, you cant kill one of your own guys and grab there M60?

You gotta break pre-game rules, and kill my guys? Luckily, Blade got away in the stinger, while I gunned down Mexico, who killed me with a nade. Anyways, I'd look forward to a rematch, but this time, without specs, annoying ass Jupiter, and that the pre-game rules don't get broken.





WINNER: KFC, but to me, this wasnt even a match with the breaking of the rules and shit...........

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yea i did shoot ur ass b4 the match cause i was bored and it was all fucked up i knew it wasent gonna go trough and when i shot the other guys its cause i heard 1 of ur members call go and i saw them coming in toward our base so i opend fire bla bla bla it was all fucked up

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Had War with TF today.

It was 3 on 3 and a great match. During attack, we got hit pretty bad. My car blew up, and the others were shot and killed. During defend, they attacked us. JoStud drives up in a car tanker, and Afro & Chaos drive on to it. Chaos misses the jump, while Afro goes flying. I run out of ammo, and everyone is a sailor, so we all are regenerating health(regenerating ammo would be nice too, lol) and Burner flys off Print Works on the PCJ, jumping off and shoot all 3 of them. Shit. Burner would be MVP of this game. We all started FFA infront of the bank, and sadly were all ran down and blasted by stubbies. GG!

=TF= Base: Parking Garage Near SS Spawn

[NS] Base: Print Works

1) =TF=Chaos

2) =TF=JoStud

3) =TF=Afro

1) [NS]Angelz

2) [NS]Blade

3) [NS]Burner aka' =TR=Burner





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Had War with KFC.

It was 5 on 5 for the 1st round. We started the game, defending TF's last base, The Parking Garage. So we figured they were coming in with heli's, so we got to the roof. The problem was that Dew & Garlic were on the first floor of the garage, Crip(aka' Blade) was at SS spawn, and I fell off the roof. I was shot, killed, yada yada yada. Crip managed to kill one, but KFC came out in the end of the first round. 2nd round, Garlic left. So this meant 4 on 5. KFC defended the hotel, across the street from the Malibu. Dew runs into the hotel, gets to the top, and realizes that they arent in it. Which by the time he figures it out, we're all dead, with Crip & I killing two KFC. Dew is later killed. No need for FFA, so good game.

[KFC] Base: Hotel Pool Across From Malibu

[NS] Base: Parking Garage Near SS Spawn

1)[KFC]lllll - 'Chronic'

2)[KFC]lllll - 'KungFu'

3)[KFC]lllll - 'Dpnch3r'

4)[KFC]lllll - 'Mexico'

5)[KFC]lllll - 'Camaro'


2)[NS]Crip - 'Blade'


4)[NS]Dew - '~VvG~Dew'

5)[NS]Burner - '-[uG]-Burner'






Winter Season(WON - LOST): 0 - 3

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