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so, u guys prefer this

Which one  

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    • original
    • grey

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those numbre represent values used by the client, i don't know what they are exactly, i only know that they r usefell for IJs and the other devs. The ja witht he smiley has had a couple of functions be4. For the oment it checks if u jave the correct version of MTA when u click on it

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Just out of idle interest, what's with all the numbers at the bottom of the window, and the smiley bottle (meths? :? ) in the corner? :D

they R debug TextBox. I Use them too when i code with some RAD tools (not really usual)

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i like the original gui grey looks a bit borin

edit : y not release a skining pack and a normall gui that way people could skin it with a picture of there choosing

but then again I think 'original' looks a bit kitschy heh *raises hand for grey one*

but a skin pack as keva mentioned would be neat

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umm.... for lack of a better word... WTF!!!! who cares!!! get the damn game out!!

Ugh... Not another one... I'm not going to explain it all over again... Use your brains (if applicable) to figure it out.

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