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kfc caught cheating...


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hmmmz one of the dev's deems this as cheating and as for slothman post i agree 100% its where i was goin with this he just put it in better words

I had to squint to read that. Please, use proper grammar and spelling in your future posts. In fact, please don't post at all.

There are people that agree that even the smallest modifications is cheating. Had this rule not been in the EULA, they would not agree, obviously.

The MTA team themselves should know that it is indeed severely strict to accuse such an event as cheating, but what can I say. This is probably the millionth argument over this matter, obviously nothing is going to change their minds, so I'll quote what I said earlier: Wait for blue.

well then a little bigger text MAD_BOY JacoB is blind

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I find this pretty lame. KFC being given a known cheaters rank? Pretty lame. You might as well be a dumbass and say 2+2=78. Everyone had the same advantages and disadvantages in the server, in which isnt considered cheating. And it was in their own private server, and FKU even played in there once, infact, alot of people did. They just dug something up from the trash, and polished it up. Theres nothing wrong with that.

According to the rules, they were cheating, even though I firmly disagree. So pretty much your just digging a deeper hole for this thread, its unnecessary.

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