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1000 posts - *Stop spamming xerox* =)


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Well what can i say, 1000 posts, finally. And what a ride its been.

First of all id like to say hi to griff, i finally reached 1000 posts mate =)

0.3b betas have begun (im in the wrong zone so i wont be able to test i think :? ) and that is a sign that we are getting closer to a release... hurray! btw blok - wanna give me access to the chan regardless of number? =)

And as always, to the MTA devs, fellow moderators and the forum regulars, who are basically keeping the forum alive by posting a combination of constructive posts, flames, and random spam... just the way I like it.

The BLASTA gang is coming along fine, with all members ready to take part in any 0.3b wars that come our way (beating the opposition into submission on the forums first overcourse... the psycological advantage is always a plus =)

On that note, the gangs thread has gone quite well. With 3 or 4 major gangs rising to become quite the force, blasta, omg, red dragons spoonage etc. I can see the gtaforums' gangs (which are huge, and full of spammers to boot - hi guys :roll: ) coming on here recruiting (which is great) or restarting the recruitment drive on their forums, the more numbers the better at this stage.

As for the state of affairs of the forums, its been quite interesting. We have seen a forum lock-down, some rule enforcements, and some new people posting more which is always good.

If things go to plan, MTA could be the next counter-strike, so keep active and keep spreading the word. A friend of mine is starting a net-cafe soon, im trying to hook him into mta when 0.3b hits, hopefully every netcafe will have a whole lot of gta3 or gta:VC boxes in their shop front instead of cs, diablo or warcraft 3 ones.

As for the other mods, they have all been rather silent. YAMM has entered the fray, and looks promising, GGM's forums are pretty much stagnent, and im picking v2 of ggm to be just as great as the first one was, (which knocked us all at MTA right over!). GTA3T was fake, real... then fake again, I think after the screenshot its real again now.. (fill me in on this one thanks draco? =). Im glad to see that there is finally some proof to GTA3T, and I hope the release will be able to squeeze in amongst all the other mods.

With VC's release, people keep asking about possible MTA:VC compatiblity. There is something like a 10% chance of this, and it may be a whole new project, we can only hope for the best, and that mta for gta3 continues.

I guess ive finished my rant for now, hope to do the same at 2000 posts or something, happy massacring people =)... now to work on getting my avatar back up, although the X does kinda suit =P

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