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Hi can anyone help me?

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Hi i need help on making a resource for votekicking/banning/killing.

I need commands for staff like

/takeaction [name] [rule]

or /action [name] [rule]

example /action smile 1

and for the rule is there a way that the system was automatically read and display the full reason in chat

example: /action smile 1

outputchatbox: Smile has left the game[Kicked] by [staff name] Reason: 1 Annoying busy staff

and also the same function with default players

I need them to just type

like /vaction [player Name] [Rule] and it will do the same for what it did with staff

and there would be a panel that you open to Positive Vote and Negative Vote.

Someone please help i need it for my clan war server.

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Well you could use the votemanager resource in the default resources pack and then write something that summarize the result and take action. I'm not and expert in that area but in theory it should work.

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