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Ultimate Knock Out

Group A

player 1 >SIS

player 2 [uK]Junki3

player 3 [uVA]ZzZ

player 4 *afr0*

Group B

player 5 [uK]Motnt

player 6 [uVA]Sc00bY

player 7 [uVA]Mr

player 8 [uVA]Jay

Group C

player 9 vass69

player 10 [AkF]_XcR

player 11 mfC_Shadow_

player 12 TmM_Ryan

Group D

player 13 [XII]*Azer

player 14 {KoQ}Crack

player 15 mfC_Draugluin

player 16 [uK]Homer

Qualify Round

Sc00bY Vs. Crack 16:00 28 December Tuesday

Motnt Vs. Azer 18:00 28 December "

Junki3 Vs. XcR 20:00 28 December "

Sp*rky Vs. vass69 22:00 28 December "

ZzZ Vs. Shadow16:00 29 December Wednesday

Mr Vs. Draugluin18:00 29 December "

afr0 Vs. Ryan 20:00 29 December "

Jay Vs. Homer 22:00 29 December "

From the diagram u can see how the matchs have been organised.



If u cant make the match/time displayed let us know so we can redate/time it.

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yea ok il play, but vass kinda made me laugh how he signed me up wen i didnt actually know he had. Don-Capo told me it was on Wdnesday 10pm, i will do my best to be there, but im kinda busy nowadays and i if i dont turn up (highly dalt it) then make it as Afros win :)

Looking 4ward to the tournie lets make it a guddun 8)

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