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1 Vs 1 Tournament

The UKO Tournament will consist of 16 players for the 4th round, with 8 winners from the 8 matches, the winners will qualify to the quarter finals where there

will be 4 matches and 4 winners which will then qualify for the semi final where there will be 2 matches and two winners which will bring us to the final where

the winner will be the {UKO} champion.

The matches will be played using a script for time duration and to keep track of the score with around two/three ref's in spec watching the match, you will both spawn

at any point, pickups will be allowed (other than flamer) you meet up and fight, the match time limit will be 1 hr if it is not completed in that time the current winning

Player will win the match, if the two players are drawing, the next point will be match point.

Depending on when u join the tournament will determine your challenger, e.g. The 7th person in joining could play the 2nd person in joining the diagram below explains it

a little better, the diagram is only an example of how it will work, the original will not be displayed so ppl cant match ppl who they want to play, this makes the

Challenges completely random. Once round four of the tournament is complete they will just play the ppl who win from the other matches.


The picture shows the placement numbers to the challenges, but the original wont be in order it will be in a random selection e.g the 2nd person could face the 16th person in joining.

Organiser/ref - [uK]Junki3

Organiser/ref - [uK]Homer

Organiser/ref - [uK]Capo

Organiser - [uK]Bungle

Ref - [uK]MoTnT

Ref - VCES>Panther

Ref - >SIS

Ref - [FMJ]Oli

- Rules -

1 - No Cheating, e.g. Modding, Trainer usage, Constant Glitching.

(Ban from the tornament)

2 - Intense Camping, Runing, Wasting Time, will no be allowed.

(You lose the Current Playing Round)

3 - No Car/Heli Killing.

(You lose the Current Playing Round)

4 - No Fire Weapons Allowed.

(You lose the Current Playing Round)

5 - Crash In-Combat, Drowing, Killing yourself.

(You lose the Current Playing Round)

Server: UKO Official Match Server

We are also trying to get a american based server running.

Forums - http://mta-uko.tk/ - Check these for the latest news, fixtures, results etc..

Note - If the league is successful we will run it constantly over so many months.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

We have bad luck :( Our forum host is down, should be up b4 the tournament starts tho.

We can run most things from this thread anyway i suppose...

Sparky has the first slot.

I'll join for the second slot. :)

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