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Cant play, whats wrong

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0k, now I downloaded 1.1, I found six working gta3 servers, none of 'em do the job for me. I enter the mta program, I write the port, the server, the nick, I connect. To the right, I get the list of players 'n' blahblahblah, then I press "start game" button. Ok, the game loads, I press start game, then start new game and then I enter the screen where the rules are written on the screen of the main pimps. NOW, I wait, I wait, I Wait...One Minute..Nothings on...Two minutes...Nothings on...Three minutes...fuck it. I press enter button and the game drops down, and the holy windows error appears with its mighty debug, send and dont send system. I love mta. I'd be verry happy to know whats wrong with my game. Now dont tell me I should reinstal the game, cose I've done that 3 times and still no freaky success. Thank you for all your tips. God bless you!

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Crashes can be caused by:

1. Having a cracked version of GTA featuring a blood patch.

2. Graphics / sound drivers

3. Setting the version in the client to the wrong version of GTA

4. Not having GTA installed in English

5. Having a censored version of GTA with a modified .exe

That's all I can think of at the moment.

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