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[SOLVED] startResource


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I'm not sure if this is intended behavior or just me messing things up. I have a resource that stops any resource being started, does a few modifications on it then starts it again, but the new resource does not actually start.

All I see in the server log is:

start: Resource "test" start was requested () 

here is the relevant code:

local startSet = {} 
local function procd ( resource ) 
    if startSet [ resource ] then 
        startSet [ resource ] = nil 
        cancelEvent () 
        processResource ( resource.name ) 
        startSet [ resource ] = true 
        startResource ( resource ) 
addEventHandler ( 'onResourcePreStart', root, procd ) 

If I manually start it after that message, it works as expected and the processing is not run.

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Maybe the new modified resource now contains errors that prevents it to start, or maybe you should delay the start of the modified resource to let the onResourcePreStart and the cancelEvent finish what they are supposed to do.

I would go for a setTimer of 500ms or 1sec to call the startResource (don't forget to send the resource as an argument with the setTimer).

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