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Big Gang War on LogiX Server

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Hey there,

I am here to inform you about the gang war that is going to happen on Sunday in [Roleplay] Server. This server has got a gang system compared to other roleplay server which generally have a turf system.


This is the place you need to go to join a gang. It is located near the beach in LS. You can join any gang you like but if you want to create your own gang then you will need $400k in-game cash.


These commands shown on the screenshot are gang commands. They will only be shown to players who are joined to a gang. The command "!gang" displays in which gang you are. "!ginfo" displays the number of area your gang control and the number of gang members. Finally, "!gexp" shows how much gang experience you have. GEXP can be earned by killing other gang members. You will receive +5 for normal kills and +7 for headshots. However, you will also lose your GEXP if you get killed by someone else or sucide.




The colourful area shown on the map above ^^ are all areas that can be captured by gangs. The back and white racing flag represents the area where there is a gang war going on. If your gang manages to get 6 kills or defends your area by getting 4 kills then all gang members who are online will get 1k as a reward from the server. For example- If your gang have 30 members and 20 of your gang members are online then if your gang manages to win an area then all 20 online members will get 1k each and that equals to 20k.

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