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Luac rejects some files


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I'm trying to build a wrapper around luac.mtasa.com to automate builds, but I'm getting quite a few errors.

this is the current script:

--[[template from luac.mtasa.com/api: 
local FROM="example.lua" 
local TO="compiled.lua" 
fetchRemote( "http://luac.mtasa.com/?compile=1&debug=0&obfuscate=0", function(data) fileSave(TO,data) end, fileLoad(FROM), true ) 
function compileString ( source, callback, compile, debug, obfuscate, attempts ) 
    fetchRemote ( 
        ( 'http://luac.mtasa.com/?compile=%d&debug=%d&obfuscate=%d' ):format ( 
            compile and 1 or 0, 
            debug and 1 or 0, 
            obfuscate and 1 or 0 
        function ( response, errcode ) 
            if response:match ( '^ERROR' ) then 
                error ( ( "compilation failed with errorcode=%d and response=%s" ):format ( errcode, response ) ) 
                outputDebugString "compiled" 
                callback ( response ) 
    outputDebugString ( "compiling: " .. source ) 

The function is exported btw.

The error I get is "ERROR could not read file", I've tried compiling a few random scripts in my browser, but only one or two of them worked. Previously I could not even connect to the site.

I've ran the function with simple things like "a=2" and "return 0" and some basic loops, but all of them returned the same error?

What am I doing wrong?

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The order of the arguments in fetchRemote is wrong.

The correct syntax:

bool fetchRemote ( string URL[, int connectionAttempts = 10 ], callback callbackFunction, [ string postData = "", bool postIsBinary = false, [ arguments... ] ] ) 

The way you used it made it so, the postData equals attempts, postIsBinary gets true, and source is considered an argument.

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