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go in another part of liberty city

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I know what you mean....and i'm not sure if the loading between islands are sync'ed or if you can even go to other islands...i can see how it would be a problem, with people on different islands and loading/sync everything, etc...i could be wrong, the devs might have already solved that problem...

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Cool :)

But accessable can mean more than one thing in this case.

1) You can use any Island but you have to all START in the Island you want and you can't change Islands once started - to do so you have to load everything - server, save, client, etc - and then start again.

2) You can START anywhere and freely move from Island to Island with nothing to worry about.

And if it IS #2 then how does the radar handle this?

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all 3 islands are accessable

We're not sure yet, xerox. The Lift bridge will probably give synchronization errors, So for now I closed off Shorside Vale. ( I believe there is enough room on Portland and Staunton Island for now.)

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