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The International Destruction Derby Championships

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Hello MTA players,

I am glad to announce you today a new tournament for the community ! team present :

"The international destruction derby championships"

Registration is already open, and tournament will be started when we will get 16 teams!

First is group stage with 8 teams in each group, both groups will fight all vs all (3vs3...vs3)

Then play off with upper and lower brackets, first 4 places from each group - upper bracket, another teams - lower bracket.

Prize for the clan winner is 100 euros, more details in our special page (see below).

What is mtasa-dd team ?

This is the place specially for Descturction Derby community.

The main target of this site, to make clan wars more fair, because now there is a lot of problems like guys who abusing admin rights during cw, or not existence of "official" rules for cws, etc.

So we wrote the rules for clan wars and made the forum for results of cws, if someone was abusing admin rights, you just put the screen with proofs, and their team get -1 karma or +1 warning (such function will be added soon). Before cw you can check profile of any team and see their karma to make decision if its good idea to play against them. Btw this is resolving the problem when teams dont want add their defeats on their site, now all will see results on our site.

This is will works only if teams and players will support this site and idea. We are welcome for your questions and suggestions on our forum, everything in your hands.

Except this, we made another things like media page, list of clans, function to get subforum for guys who wanna make the tournament or any event, etc

We will continue to work with it till we have ideas, but as we said - everything in your hands because its nothing without your support.


Special page for tournament:

Forum of tournament (registration, rules, etc):

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