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Aw well guys, I rather just throw that whole fault thing beside me. Now there is one thing that I would like to consider, is that I myself and my team are all in the US besides Nexus, she resides in AU. Nor do people from the UK pick up good ping in my server. So I guess we would have no other choice but too have this war within another server.

I'm not sure what Time Zone each one of you have individually but I would recommend it so that each and everyone of are prepared.

Here are a few of those who were intrested:

Birdys time will be:

USA Texas GMT -6

Ghosts time will be:

USA Texas GMT -6

HTC's time will be:

USA California GMT -7

Myths time will be:

USA Arizona GMT +7

Nexus’s time will be:

Sydney Australia GMT +10

If you like to know any information on our information, etc. you can view it in our forums @ http://mta-ra.rough.at/ under clan matches.

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