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[MC]~Merry Christmas Gang V.2


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i told him (myth) we pwned .:RA:. cuz they didnt show up and we won due to forfeit and the kid cried in partyserver... he complained and said that him and Oli were waiting in "his" server... im pretty sure most of the people playing would ping better in gangwar server (hence gangwar server pwnz) and i kept sayin Pwned and he was trippin' out n shit... i was gonna tell him i was just fuckin' with him but he told me to "grow up" and then he left...

edit: he also said something like "its all DP's fault". :? riiiiiiiight..

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You've decieved me, and thrown me in front of a crowd as a coward, speaking who of which was you. According to your members, Santa is the crew leader for the holidays and he never said one word, not one. And also Quig took out the full responsability to plan half of the war. I told him it would be in our server but obviously no one was told this. Nor do you have a part in word. I guess I can say we both f*ed up. By the way, who the hell are you and when did your biatch aRse become part of this. You coward, your like child, you enter party server with a differnt name and start commotion, also talking smack. Your nothing more then a simplitan.

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well that sucks that the war never happened

i told santa that i was gonna be away so i could run the war but i guess myth and santa didn't hook up before the war,too bad

how about we try to reschedule or tonight as i am available and ready to pwn some ppl

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i was think of tonight i will be available we we can acually do this shit

i will msn you when i get home and pehaps we can do it in the gangwarfare server since that ispretty much the main private server for wars

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