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[MC]~Merry Christmas Gang V.2


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l33t_av.gifGang For The Holidays

Clan Leader

[MC]~Santa~ (Point_Blank) {FKU}

Member List

[MC]Grinch (Quig) {FKU}

[MC]Rudolf (Jani) {FKU}

[MC]Elf (DP) {FKU}

[MC]Prancer (VVolven) {FKU}

[MC]Comet (SubZero) {FKU}

[MC]EggNog (Warfire) {FKU}

[MC]Frosty (Oli) {FMJ}

[MC]Jesus (Chode) {FMJ}

[MC]HumBug (Xc0n) {ULK}

[MC]Snowball (Garrotte) {ULK}

[MC]Scrooge (Nick) {VCES}

[MC]St.Nika (Nikateen) {KFC}

[MC]Snoopy (Cronic) {KFC}

[MC]KoalFu (KungFu Grip) {KFC}

[MC]Tree (Venom) {KFC}

[MC]Eve (Camaro) {KFC}

[MC]Snowman (Mexico) {KFC}

[MC]Tiny_Tim (Dpuncher) {KFC}

{Full}~Sorry no more Posistions available

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