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[MT] = Cheater Clan

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ahh im glad the flaming stopped.

im sure lindsey isnt a cheater and it wasnt his intention for his clan to start cheating. i think this is sorted.

Thank you man, thats feels good hearing it from someone from afgan, j/k.

Anyways, thanx. And if anyones wondering, for the holidays, my clans HK=Happy Kwanza and for the chick names, that would be my girl.

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yo yo yo last time i pwned MT they didnt cheat.

ask quig...they took 20 minutes to play a round in a war against FKU and then they finally attacked (5 of them against 3 of us) and we came down and pwned them all in like 15 seconds, without taking a single hitpoint of damage.

btw, MT cant plan clan wars to save their lives.

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