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Server FPS Sync


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So guys, hello!

I am having some issues with the FPS sync of a server. I have the FPS Limit at 80 on server but it's set to 60 on the client, so each player can use /setfps <25-80> to set the limit for his own game. The problem is that sometimes (I didn't notice yet what is triggering this because it can happen with 30 players and at the same time with 15 players too) the server gets a huge FPS Sync drop (from >400 to 100~200) and every player can't even pass the 40 FPS.

I don't have any idea of what's causing this, maybe the player sync interval? it's set to 150ms



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It will help people to download resources but if the player his PC with normal/bad quality then he can't handle it even the machine.. if there's a script take alot of player CPU so his FPS will still down.

The solution is to clean the scripts of errors and these things that can drop the player his fps, plus use the machine.

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Your "MTA Lua Skills" is 100% and "C, C++ Skills" is 75%(seriously how do you even measure this, and for what purpose) - so you should be able to figure out what's wrong :roll:

More on-topic, what are you using the FPS Sync for? Proper use of coroutines can provide some nice performance boosts if used wisely.

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Ok, Dealman GTFO of here if you don't want to help. You know everything so you will never need help. You ended up earning one more person that will never help you.

This was happening when there were about 2 or 3 players not logged in (downloading resources from the HTTP server).

I ended up solving this by myself.

/lock please.

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