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givemoney with 2 step


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function giveMoney(thePlayer) 
            if thePlayer then 
                givePlayerMoney(thePlayer, 400000) 
                outputChatBox("Bạn đã lấy 400000" , thePlayer) 
addEvent("gmoney", true) 
addEventHandler("gmoney", root, giveMoney) 
function start(thePlayer, commandName) 
triggerEvent("gmoney", thePlayer) 
addCommandHandler("smoney", start) 

what wrong? not give money and not debug on cmd mtasa server?

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You complicated it too much, if the points is to give 'thePlayer' 400k then just do this

function giveMoney (thePlayer) 
    givePlayerMoney (thePlayer, 400000) 
    outputChatBox ("Ban da lay 400000$", thePlayer) 
addCommandHandler ("gmoney", giveMoney) 

also, you don't need to check 'if player then' as there will surely be the player who wrote the command, but you can check if he is not logged in like that, so you won't give him money, it'll be like:

local account = getPlayerAccount (thePlayer) 
if account and not isGuestAccount (account) then 

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