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removeElementData value


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Hello ,

I would like to remove the value in a elementdata

What i mean is this thing bellow

setElementData(thePlayer,"peds",[b]5[/b]) -- settng the elementdata 
function removePed() 
removeElementData(thePlayer,"peds",-1) -- Lowering the last value with -1 (cant get it to work like this) 

I wanna make something like that (the bold 5 should be lowered by -1 once i do /takeped

Thank you in advance,

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That would remove the value(read the syntax thoroughly on the wiki. It has 2 parameters, you can't add a third and expect it to magically know what you want it to do). If you want to decrease the value you have to use getElementData and then setElementData again.

setElementData(thePlayer, "peds", 5) 
local theValue = getElementData(thePlayer, "peds") -- If successful, theValue should be 5. 
setElementData(thePlayer, "peds", theValue-1) -- Decrease previous value by 1. 

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