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Mode selection?

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Searching for this topic didnt give me much, I hope this hasnt been run over yet (heh)

With all the modes for MTA


-Team Deathmatch

-Liberty City Survivor (last man standing)

-Freeze Tag (name could be changing)



I'm wondering how the mode selection is handled?

I'm guessing it is currently selected when the server is started.

Keeping with this spirit of GTA, would it be possible to have players trigger game modes like missions?

e.g. walk into the bus/ice cream truck/taxi and hit "+" ... or trigger a rampage for survivor

This wouldn't make sense for team games, but some sort of dm_multi_modes would be awsome.

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i think the game will be decided by the server cs style... Either you enter a server running the gamemode, and the gamemode switches maps for the mode (different parts of liberty city) or you join a server that rotates the modes as it goes etc.

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no offense, but throughout the whole forum i keep hearing people say the most useless game alive, cs, WHY does anyone EVEN DARE to think of making the assumption that there should be a cs mod for gta3.. i cant stand all the crap people say about cs, its driving me insane, can't you guys figure out that cs/hl is just frekin QUAKE, thats all it is, the q1 engine, and a bit of q2 engine, just simply stop calling it cs/hl and call it q1.5 already, gosh i hate that game, the grafix are so outdated, and yet i hear people who praise the thing, i mean what have you people been playing all your lives doom 1! because thats the only thing that makes the cs/hl graphics look good at all, im sorry if this is a little off topic but im just getting tired of cs players and their totally incorrect assumptions about the game, and worse yet, i even heard that some hardcore valve lovers said that hl2 was going to have better graphics then doom3.. OMG what are you people thinking, valve is just a bunch of people milking the same damn engine, and now out of the blue they have this brand new killer engine, yeah right, 99% chance they didnt even make that engine themselves. oh well sry i just had to get that all out, too many people talkin about cs here...

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lol - i used to play doom 1 via lan =P

I say cs style, cause then i dont have to go into explaining it, and everyone knows what im talking about =P

As for HL2... There is no reason valve couldnt have made their own engine. In the end, both games are probably overhyped (with good reason) and ill probably buy both =P

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cs rant

I'll bite, even if this is way off topic.

HL is not even near quake1 (d3d, netcode, etc), and in many ways surpases quake2 (models, AI, etc).

Valve is nice enough to maintain this old '98 engine for use even now. CS is a great mod, gameplay wise,

and used to be nice for some fresh maps untill 1.0 came out. CS's graphics are better than HL's, and HL's are better than GTA3 :P

HL2? TF2? my god dude have you SEEN those E3 vids??

Back to the main topic, thnx for the thread with the screen shot.

It looks like you can "choose your occupation" (at least in v4)

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