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Where to store password while registration not finished?

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Hello. :)

I create a registration system.

In GUI player

1) read rules

2) choose skin

3) set password

4) confirm email.

Then this data add to database (mysql).

Where to store password when player enter it in GUI?

My versions:

1) setElementData clientside

2) triggerServerEvent to setElementData serverside

3) store in variable clientside

4) create a second database to store accounts, that not finished registration, and

4.1) if registration finished, copy data to main db, delete row in second db

4.2) if registration not finished, delete row in second db.

I'm looking for script security.

Thank you :)

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store it using setElementData, easy to get rid off, easy to use and is not permanent only for a few minutes which won't start causing lag. (Doesn't matter which side you store it onto, I still was able to get the data from server side even though I stored onto client, but client is a lot better place to store in my opinion)

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The best and secure way to store it is as variable client side and then send it with triggerServerEvent when you want to create an account. (Set variable immediately after setting the password) You can add hash if you're unsure. Why not setElementData? Because it most likely can be sniffed out by network pros. Variables can't be. (Unless you somehow share environment with other clients which is pretty stupid lol)

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