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Crashing when starting enw game

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i thinkt he title explains my problem exactly, i shouldnt be starting new game. but all the un-helpful people in the server i was able to connect to but not join, wouldnt help me.

But heres a detailed step by step what im doing. maybe somebody can tell me what im doing wrong.

1. Double-Click the MTA icon on desktop

2. find an ip:port from http://www.game-monitor.com/search.php? ... d&game=mta

3. click connect, once connected i can see chat.

4. click start game, it loads up GTA3 like i doulbe-clicked that icon on desktop.

5. click Start game again, gives me the option to "Start new game, Load game, delete, back"

6. click Start new game, It loads up, the blue bar reaches end and then white text overlaps the already current pciture. so its half anf half. it kinda looks like console text.

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5. click Start game again, gives me the option to "Start new game, Load game, delete, back"

it should say something like "start multi theft auto" instead of "start new game". are you sure it says that?

ive had the same once and it just wouldnt use the mta scm but te main.scm so i reinstalled it twice and still the same, then the 3rd time ive installed mta on another partition and then it loaded the right file

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2.5 p4 with 512 rd ram, ATi radeon 9500 pro 124, 80 gig hd. i dont see what system specs have to do with this.

100% sure it says Start new game.

i will try a new partition. but your saying it loads from a file, is there a MTA.exe?

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It's called MTAClient.exe. As Rebel said, the "Start Multi Theft Auto" text isn't appearing because MTA's not overwriting GTA's main.scm file with its own version, for some reason. Check that the main.scm file isn't read-only and that you have no mods or anything installed.

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mta doesnt overwrite main.scm. upon installation theres a new scm file created called mta.scm. the problems that could happen are:

corrupted download.

something is interupting mta to install properly.

But doesn't it backup the old file and overwrite main.scm when you run MTA?

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