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Binding custom settings



Hello guys,I need your help as for today.

My question is,is there any way to bind my custom settings (I mean,all the controls and theirs binds) to a key?

I will describe the problem I have to face these days so you can understand it more clearly.

Well,I'm a DM player,but ever since i started playing race i found it way better to control my car with arrows.So far I've been using WSAD.The problem is - i often visit multi gamemode servers,so i have to change my controls each time i move from race to dm or conversely.

Is there any way to make a bind key including default settings and my custom one? Help me if you know the answer,I will be very grateful!

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  • MTA Team

The only way I can think of is to have two copies of MTA\config\coreconfig.xml and swap between them depending on which server you want to join - You'll have to exit MTA before swapping though.

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